Top 10 Polyurethane Foam Manufacturers


Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer

Polyurethane foam is a very common raw material in life, and it is very important to select a suitable polyurethane foam manufacturer. Now let WKI introduce to you the top ten polyurethane foam manufacturers in the United States and the top ten polyurethane foam manufacturers in the world and their related information.

To help determine the best source of polyurethane foam for any given item, we will now explore the top polyurethane foam suppliers at and worldwide.


What is polyurethane foam?

One of the most commonly used foams in modern industry is polyurethane foam, but what is it? Polyurethane foam is a term used to describe any foam material that forms dense bubbles through the synthesis of polyols and isocyanates. These bubbles are trapped in a matrix filled with solid gas. These polyurethane foams include memory foam, high rebound foam, and high density foam. They can also be augmented with additives, which means that many foam mixes (at least some) are polyurethane foams.

Polyurethane foam is most commonly used in furniture, bedding, car seats, sports equipment, packaging, footwear, carpet cushioning, sound insulation, filtration and other applications that require plush, dense but strong materials. To learn more about these materials, read our article on the types of foam used in industry.


What is a polyurethane foam supplier?

Polyurethane foam suppliers manufacture and/or distribute polyurethane inventory and products for their customers. Raw materials such as polyols, polyisocyanates, water and additives are mixed in large tanks and then distributed on a moving conveyor belt to form a raw bulk. From here, polyurethane foam can be sold as-is or further processed to any desired shape/size. There are specific manufacturing procedures for specific applications, but they are usually simple and driven by the specifications of the materials required. Because polyurethane foam is easy to produce and inexpensive, many manufacturers of packaging, furniture, mattresses, etc., will also partially produce polyurethane foam, but may or may not sell this foam as unrefined inventory.

Top 10 polyurethane foam manufacturers in the United States

Table 1 below contains information on the top polyurethane foam manufacturers in the United States. Additional details of each company, such as headquarters location, number of employees, year of establishment, estimated annual sales, and a brief company summary, are listed below.

Company Name Headquarters No.of Employees Year Founded Type of Company Est.Annual Sales
Heubach Corporation Garland, TX 10-49 1993 Custom Manufacturer $5-9.9 Mil
Mil-Spec Packaging of GA Macon, GA 10-49 1966 Custom Manufacturer $1-4.9 Mil
BJB Enterprises, Inc. Tustin, CA 10-49 1970 Manufacturer $10-24.9 Mil
American Excelsior Company Arlington, TX 200-499 1888 Manufacturer $50-99.9 Mil
Elliot Co. Indianapolis, IN 10-49 1957 Manufacturer $5-9.9 Mil
Wisconsin Foam Products Madison, WI 10-49 1985 Distributor, Custom Manufacturer $5-9.9 Mil
All Foam Products Co., Inc. Middlefield, OH 1-9 1977 Manufacturer Under $1 Mil
Foam Factory, Inc. Maycomb, MI 10-49 1980 Manufacturer $5-9.9 Mil
Cougar Packaging Solutions Romeoville, IL 10-49 2010 Distributor $10-24.9 Mil
Atlas Foam Products Sylmar, CA 10-49 1957 Custom Manufacturer, Distributor $1-4.9 Mil


Company profile

1.Heubach Corporation Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer
Address:Garland, TX 75041
Company profile:He has over 25 years of experience as a leader in the field of flexible materials manufacturing. They produce foams and provide manufacturing services such as CNC cutting, water jet, laminating, die cutting, rotary cutting, turning, heat forming, slitting, heat bonding and assembly. Heubach Company provides foam made of polyurethane, polyether, polyester polyethylene, polystyrene, etc., which is an important source of all foam related products. They are based in Garland, Texas.




2.Mil-Spec Packaging of GA

Website:mil-specpkg.comPolyurethane Foam Manufacturer
Address:Macon, GA 31206
Company profile:GA Military specification Packaging is a company specializing in packaging solutions for industrial, commercial and military applications. Their foam selection includes medium to heavy density coils and plates, as well as special density and low wear foams of various materials. They will custom manufacture cuts and application-based foam packaging solutions, all in compliance with military specifications with no minimum order requirements.



3.BJB Enterprises, Inc.  

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Tustin, CA 92780

Company profile:It is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane, thermosetting and silicone materials. Polyurethane foams are available in a variety of flexible forms and densities and can be hand-poured to achieve perfect foam mold manufacturing. They operate all over the world, but are headquartered in Tustin, California.


4.American Excelsior Company

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Arlington, TX 76011

Company profile:Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, is a manufacturer of custom packaging, buffering, engineered foams, erosion control solutions, engineered wood fibers, and foam specialty products. American Excelsior prides itself on its responsiveness and accessibility, and its eight distribution centers and five manufacturing facilities provide innovative foam solutions to numerous customers in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Alabama, Washington, Illinois and beyond.

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer

5.Elliot Co.


Address:Indianapolis, IN 46268

Company profile:Is the maker of its ELFOAM brand polyisocyanurate and more general polyurethane foam products. Elliott controls every step of polyurethane foam production, from formulation to manufacturing to processing, ensuring quality products to customers in 48 continental states. Their main headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, and they offer same-day shipping service to all neighboring countries.


6.Wisconsin Foam Products


Address:Madison, WI 53716

Company profile:We are distributors and manufacturers of flexible packaging, seats, bedding, MATS, filters, seals, insulation materials, silencers, absorbers, foam parts and more. Primarily serving OEM applications, Wisconsin Foam Products customers in the medical, defense, HVAC, Marine, automotive and other industries, and continues to expand its customer base. They are based in Madison, Wisconsin


7.All Foam Products Co., Inc.     

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Middlefield, OH 44062

Company profile:Is a manufacturer of a wide range of open and closed cell foams, all made in the United States. All foam products serve government agencies such as the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army and Air Force, as well as other industries such as education, healthcare, automotive and packaging industries with a wide variety of foams to choose from.


8.Foam Factory, Inc.

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Macomb, MI 48044

Company profile:Is a distributor of polyurethane foam industrial packaging applications. They have more than 18,000 quality products, including cartons, labels, mail, material handling products, security products and more, and the packaging experts they hire will help find the right materials and shapes. They are based in Romeoville, Illinois.


9.Cougar Packaging Solutions

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Romeoville, IL 60446

Company profile:Is a manufacturer of various foam, rubber, sponge and upholstery products based in Maycomb, Michigan. Foam Factory aims to personalise each customer's experience according to the needs of the project, offering mattresses, cushions, pillows, crown shapes, cornices and more, made from a variety of flexible materials. With over 300,000 square feet of production space, they have a large inventory of products and almost every bubble-related solution on hand, ready to ship.


10.Atlas Foam Products

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Sylmar, CA 91342

Company profile:We specialize in shockproof packaging of polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, polystyrene foam, neoprene rubber and other flexible materials. As a complete manufacturer, Atlas has all the tools needed to create any shape, size, or custom requirement and has over 100 foams in stock. They offer custom solutions and distribution inventory from their headquarters in Sylmar, California.


Table 2 - Top 10 Global polyurethane foam manufacturers

Company Headquarters Year Founded Foam types offered Est. Annual Sales
Covestro Leverkusen, Germany 2015 Injection-molded foam, continuous rigid foam, discontinuous rigid foam, flexible slabstock foam, molded flexible foam, spray foam $250 Mil and over
BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany 1897 Low-density open-cell spray foam, closed-cell spray foam, medium density insulation foam, high-performance foam, roofing foam $250 Mil and over
Mitsui Chemicals Minato City, Japan 1997 Extruded foam, expansion foam, flexible foam, rigid foam, adhesive foam, flooring foam, automotive foam, packaging foam, more $250 Mil and over
Tosoh Tokyo, Japan 1935 Flexible foam, semi-rigid foam, rigid foam, foam adhesive, spray foam, integral skin foam, high resilience foam, more $100-249.9 Mil
Recticel Brussels, Belgium 1896 Flexible foams, bedding foam, insulation foam, automotive foam $25-49.9 Mil
Armacell Luxembourg, Luxembourg 2000 Insulation foam, component foam, structural foam, high-performance foam, acoustic foam, more $25-49.9 Mil
DowDupont Wilmington, Delaware 1847 Custom formulations, energy-efficient foam, foam adhesives, anti-slip foam, binding foam, flooring foam, spray foam, acoustic foam, clothing foam, more  
Huntsman The Woodlands, TX 1982 Spray foam, flexible foams, automotive foam, MDI-based rigid foam, insulation foam, furniture foam, injection-molded foam, extruded foam  
FXI Radnor, PA 1990 Bedding foam, furniture foam, transportation foam, medical-grade foam, clothing foam, acoustic foam, more  
FoamPartner Rochester Hills, MI 1937 Acoustic foam, insulation foam, furniture foam, filtration foam, bedding foam, rigid foam, soft foam, molding foam, packaging foam, and more  


Company profile


Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:South Deerfield, MA 01373

Company profile:It is a global leader in polyurethane and polycarbonate solutions. Kostron, a subsidiary of the famous Bayer Corporation, has the resources and capabilities to produce a variety of high-performance plastics, elastomers, foams, etc. They have an ample supply of raw materials needed for foam manufacturing and are ready to meet the demands of even the largest projects.



Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Wyandotte, MI 48192

Company profile:Is a German multinational company that is a single source foam application. Basf is considered one of the world's largest chemical producers, producing chemicals, plastics, foams, high-performance products, catalysts, agricultural products, biotechnology, energy solutions and more. Its foam product catalog includes raw materials and finished foam products. They are based in Ludwigshafen, Germany.



3.Mitsui Chemicals

Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Rye Brook, NY 10573

Company profile:Is an international manufacturer of high performance materials and polymer raw materials, headquartered in Minkou, Japan. Mitsui serves Japan, Europe, China and the United States, and its products are used in automotive, home appliances, packaging, healthcare, construction, agriculture, basic chemicals and other applications.Their branded foam selection is diverse and differentiated by industry/material characteristics, with a focus on high performance applications.




Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Grove City, OH 43123

Company profile:Is a global chemicals manufacturing group whose chemicals are used in almost all markets. Dongcao has 130 companies and 13 business divisions in the petrochemical, chlor-alkali, professional and engineering fields, all with the experts needed to solve problems. Their foam undergoes a variety of preparations to meet both special and general purpose uses, and their global headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan.




Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Clarkston, MI 48346

Company profile:We are a European international manufacturer of soft foam, insulation, bedding and automotive polymer products. They supply soft foams and other basic plastic materials to 81 factories and offices in Europe, the United States and Asia. They serve numerous global B2B markets, meeting the demand for polymer products in more than 27 countries.




Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Mebane, NC 27302

Company profile:It is a leading supplier of industrial foams, flexible insulation materials and other flexible products. Aros manufactures engineered foams for 100 countries and regions, producing more than 5 million cubic meters of insulation per year for technical, high-performance and lightweight applications.




Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Wilmington, DE 19805

Company profile:(Incorporated into Dow, DuPont and Coteva since June 2019) is a multinational chemical and materials company. The Dow division manufactures custom polyurethane solutions such as energy efficient foams, industrial adhesives, automotive foams, mattress foams, and more, and works with material scientists to continuously innovate new solutions. Dow Chemical's service industries include transportation, construction, chemical processing, consumer products, healthcare and others, and its global headquarters are in Wilmington, Delaware.




Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:The Woodlands, TX 77381

Company profile:It is a global polymer manufacturer based in the United States, serving well-known companies such as General Electric, BMW and Unilever. Huntsman is a supplier of chemical products, polyurethane, high-performance materials, adhesives, and more, and in May 2020 expanded its Building Solutions division to offer leading spray foam insulation and related products for residential/commercial applications. They are based in the Woodlands, Texas.




Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Cornelius, NC 28031

Company profile:It is a manufacturer of OEM products and comfort raw materials for manufacturers and retailers worldwide. FXI is considered one of the most innovative foam solution providers, using its wide range of foams and related materials to produce transportation, consumer products, healthcare, and technology solutions. Their global headquarters are in Radnor, Pennsylvania.




Polyurethane Foam Manufacturer


Address:Piedmont, SC 29673

Company profile:Is a polyurethane foam specialist serving the acoustic, automotive, thermal, technical, packaging and custom industries. They are a complete developer and manufacturer of over 200 foams for a wide range of applications, all manufactured to customer specifications and built to last. They are based in Rochest Hills, Michigan.




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