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15 Apr
Global Yarn Lubricants Market Insight April 15, 2022 Comments

Global yarn lubricants are forecast to 5.31% over the next five years. According to the WK-chem Research, “Global Yarn Lubricants Professional Survey Report 2022, Forecast to 2027”, introduction of regulatory norms such as mandatory usage of seatbelts & airbags in automobiles, flame retardant fabrics in commercial places, and use of geotextiles for construction is likely to boost the demand for technical textiles. This, in turn, is expected to drive the global yarn lubricants market. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2022-2027 period is projected to be 5.31% base on WK-chem Research regression analysis model.
Analysts’ Viewpoint:
“Global Yarn Lubricants Market is highly fragmented with large number of players around the world. Key players are perusing organic growth strategy. As a result, extensive research & development, new product launch, expansion of capacity as well as geographic reach via distribution agreements are at the core of their strategies. Innovative products can offer the manufacturers of Yarn Lubricants a leading edge over their rivals and to win the market share”, said Marina Swift, Data Analyst, in WK-chem Research.
Market insight:
Textile is leading outlet for the growth of yarn lubricants. With robust demand for technical textile, the demand for yarn lubricants in likely to increase at a rapid pace. Technical textile is increasing in its popularity among functional applications such as geotextile, geotextile, protective clothing, medical, automotive, etc. Technical textiles are manufactured to meet desired properties for respective application markets. Yarn Lubricants are of critical importance in technical textile industry to ensure sustainable production activities.
The textile industry is one of the severely impacted industry due covid-19 situation. Several garment manufacturing units in China and various parts of the world stopped working due to covid-19, unfavorably affecting the trade & distribution of fabric, yarn, other material.
Competition Landscape:
This WK-chem Research market report is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading yarn lubricants companies that include: Total S.A, Clearco Products, Achitex Minerva, Rudolf GmbH, Siam Pro Dyechem Group, Bozzetto Group, Klueber, Sar Lubricants, Schill & Seilacher, Zhejiang Communication, Takemoto, Resil Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Segmentation of Yarn Lubricants Market:
According to the type, the market for yarn lubricants is divided into: Spin Finish, Coning Oil, Knitting Oil, Grease. Coning Oil has the largest market share. As the oil provides excellent lubricity to filaments and reduces friction during operation. It helps avoid yarn downtime and imperfections by lowering yarn to yarn and yarn to metal friction. Owing to its anti-static property, conning oil is applied on the yarn to help lower the impact of static electricity on yarn by improving its evacuation.
According to the application, the market for yarn lubricants is divided into: Polyester, Acrylic, Cotton, Wool, Blends. Polyester has the largest market share. Most of the artificial and synthetic fibers cannot be spun and processed without aid of a spin finish, due to frictions developed during the different production processes. Hence, they require lubricants to ease the manufacturing process and reduce friction.
Yarn Lubricants Market: Regional Analysis
In terms of geography, the global yarn lubricants market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. With its huge production base, China, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, etc. are ruling the textile world. With its large installed capacity and production volume of textile, the demand for Yarn Lubricants is significantly high as well. Huge population, strong presence of end-user industry and abundance of raw materials in the region makes it most favorable destination for textile industry and thus highest consumer of Yarn Lubricants. Over the span of analysis period, the demand for Yarn Lubricants is likely to be governed by the Asia Pacific and prominent economies pertaining the region.

Cagr: 5.31%
Largest share area:Asia Pacific
largest share country:China
Product Type:Spin Finish, Coning Oil, Knitting Oil, Grease.
Application:Polyester, Acrylic, Cotton, Wool, Blends.
Leading Company:Total S.A, Clearco Products, Achitex Minerva, Rudolf GmbH, Siam Pro Dyechem Group