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Global Sublimation Ink Market Insight 2022-01-04 Comments

The Sublimation Ink is forecast to crazy increase over the next four years. According to the World Knowledge Information (WKI) “Global Sublimation Ink Professional Survey Report 2021, Forecast to 2026”, The dye sublimation ink market is growing at a rapid pace owing to increase in its demand from the fabric application.The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2021-2026 period is projected to be 5.2% base on WKI regression analysis model.

Analysts’ Viewpoint:
“The market for dye sublimation ink is growing rapidly.This ink is mainly used to transfer graphics on polyester and polyester blends.It is fixed on the fabric by sublimation at high temperatures. It provides various beneficial features which makes it an ideal choice in the clothing application.The features include high purity dyestuff, long printhead life, improved stability, extremely fast drying time, and bright colors with high optical density. These factors increase the use of dye sublimation and aids in providing lucrative market growth during the review period.”said Nancy Liu, Senior analyst, Chemical & Material Market Research Center in WKI.

Market insight:
Dye sublimation ink is a dye, which is printed via heat and pressure onto plaques, t-shirts, mugs, and coasters. It is made from the mixture of solid color dye particles and powder, and then suspended in a liquid carrier. In the dye sublimation process, heat and pressure convert the dye into a gas state, without turning into liquid.It is mainly used to transfer graphics onto pre-coated ceramics, plastic,metals, and polyester t-shirt printing.Furthermore, dye sublimation inks are eco-friendly water-based inks, extensively effective, and offer compositional accuracy, enhanced shelf-life, high quality, and greater print accuracy. Due to these beneficial factors, the sublimated product doesn’t peel off, crack, and wash off from the substrate. Dye sublimation is majorly used in industrial and commercial applications.
However, the dye sublimation ink can be used on specific materials, such as polyester-coated and polyester substrates.But, other fabric materials like cotton, can not withstand the heat during printing.This restricts product use in other fabric printing applications.

Competition Landscape:
ln September 2019, Seiko Epson Corporation launched SC-F9400H and the SC-F9400, a 64-inch, dye-sublimation printers. This launch will further help the company to expand its operation into dye sublimation.
ln April 2019,HP Inc.announced the launch of the new HP Stitch S series in its dye sublimation portfolio. The new series include the introduction of three new printers such as HP Stitch S1000 126-in Printer, HP Stitch S300 64-in Printer, and HP Stitch S500 64-in Printer. This launch will help the company to accelerate commercial digital print adoption.
ln September 2016, DuPont has announced the launch of DuPont Artistri Xite S1500 dye sublimation ink.This launch will help the company to build its portfolio and to meet the growing needs of the digital textile market.
This WKI market report is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading Sublimation Ink companies that include MIMAKINDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Splashjet Print Technologies,InkD, STS INKS, Astha Enterprises, DuPont, Subtextile, Dye Sublimation Supplies, Hilord Chemical Corporation, AxiomAmerica LLC.,Imprint Solution,InkTec Europe Ltd, and GsG Inc.

Segmentation of Sublimation Ink Market:
Based on product type, the dye sublimation inks market is segmented into water-based and oil-based.Among them, water-based sublimation inks occupy the main market. Since water-based sublimation inks can be applied to more materials, and are not easy to fall off and break from the substrate, it has become a major player in the market.
Based on application, the market is segmented into ceramic,metal, fabric,plastic and others.
Among them, fabrics occupy the main market. Due to the increasing demand for fabric applications, Sublimation Ink’s higher stability and brighter colors make Sublimation Ink the best choice for apparel applications.

Sublimation Ink Market: Regional Analysis
In terms of geography, the global Sublimation Ink market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa.
The Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness sustainable growth in the dye sublimation inks market during the forecast timeline. The growth is due to the increasing use of the product in the application of the ceramic to print mugs and plates.Further, the rising demand for ceramic products for commercial use will fuel the market growth in this region.In Europe, the growth is attributed to the rising adoption of dye sublimation inks from the metal industry. The rising product demand in the plastic application will drive the market in North America. In the Middle East & Africa, the growth is owing to the increasing use of the product in the fabric application.

Cagr: 5.2%

Largest share area:North America
Largest share country:the Unite States