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Global Styrene Butadiene Rubber Market Insight 2022-05-31 Comments

The Styrene Butadiene Rubber is forecast to smooth over the next few years. According to the WK-chem Research “Global Styrene Butadiene Rubber Professional Survey Report 2022, Forecast to 2027”, with the increasing demand of the Car tires, mechanical rubber equipment or machine parts industry,the Styrene Butadiene Rubber industry is developing at an incredible speed. According to the WK-chem regression analysis model, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the period 2022-2027 is expected to be 5.90%.

Analysts’ Viewpoint:

Synthetic rubber has replaced natural rubber (NR) in many applications due to its inherent advantages in stability and physical properties. In addition, the weak supply of natural rubber led to large price volatility. Given this situation, it becomes imperative to use alternative sources such as SBR. This market is characterized by a high level of forwarding integration of raw material suppliers. Many petrochemical companies operate throughout the value chain, producing crude oil and using it to make synthetic rubber.

Market insight:

The automotive industry has a growing demand for high-quality rubber: The automotive industry uses styrene-butadiene as a raw material to produce high-quality tires. Properties such as heat resistance and low rolling resistance of styrene-butadiene are its uses in the automotive industry. These tires contribute to a smooth ride and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the environment. Secondly, the application of styrene-butadiene rubber in different industries: styrene-butadiene rubber has many applications in different industries such as construction, electronics, footwear manufacturing, and the automotive industry. These single reasons explain the high demand for styrene-butadiene rubber and thus play a role as an important growth driver for the styrene-butadiene rubber market. Finally, rising demand in emerging economies: The styrene-butadiene rubber market in emerging economies will witness growth due to the rise of economy and industrialization.

Competition Landscape:

This WK-chem market report is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading Styrene Butadiene Rubber companys that include Asahi Kasei Corporation (Japan), JSR Corporation (Japan), ARLANXEO (Netherlands), Lion Elastomers (US), Versalis SpA (Italy), Reliance Industries Limited (India), Zeon Corporation (Japan), LG Chem (South Korea), Trinseo (US), KUMHO PETROCHEMICAL (South Korea) .etc.

Segmentation of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Market:

The global styrene-butadiene rubber market is segmented into emulsion SBR and solution SBR by type. Emulsion SBR occupies a higher market share, and emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber is the most consumed type of synthetic rubber. At present, emulsion polystyrene-butadiene rubber has made great achievements in improving the monomer conversion rate of polymerization reaction, saving energy and reducing consumption. The great progress has also made breakthroughs in solving the contradiction between the rolling resistance and anti-wet skid performance of emulsion polystyrene butadiene rubber, optimizing product performance, and adapting to market demand. By Application: Tires, Adhesives, Footwear, Other Applications. Adhesives segment is witnessing significant growth, rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesives are replacing traditional pressure-sensitive adhesives in various applications, which increases the consumption of SBR in the adhesives industry. Furthermore, the demand for adhesives is expected to increase as the demand from the packaging industry, mainly in Asia Pacific, increases due to the development of the e-retail and e-commerce industries. These factors are driving the demand for SBR in the adhesive industry.

Styrene Butadiene Rubber Market: Regional Analysis

In terms of geography, the global Styrene Butadiene Rubber market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific dominates the market by share and is likely to continue to do so during the forecast period. Asia Pacific is a huge consumption region for the global tire and adhesive industry and is a major region driving the demand for EPDM. China and India are among the major manufacturers of the global auto industry. As China’s automobile industry has made rapid progress in recent years, the main application of automobile tires as styrene-butadiene rubber will also lead China to maintain a relatively high growth rate in the styrene-butadiene rubber market.

Cagr: 5.90%
Largest share area:Asia-Pacific
Largest share country:China
Product Type:emulsion SBR and solution SBR
Application:Tires, Adhesives, Footwear, Other ApplicationsLeading Company:Asahi Kasei Corporation (Japan), JSR Corporation (Japan), ARLANXEO (Netherlands), Lion Elastomers (US), Versalis SpA (Italy)