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15 Feb
Global L-theanine Market Insight February 15, 2022 Comments

According to the WK-chem Research “Global L-theanine Professional Survey Report 2022, Forecast to 2027”, Because L-theanine comes from tea, it is non-toxic and harmless to the human body and can be taken for a long time. And has a variety of characteristics, including enhancing attention, covering memory, anti-anxiety, and refreshing., the L-theanine industry is developing at an incredible speed. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2022-2027 period is projected to be 4.81% base on WK-chem Research regression analysis model.
Analysts’ Viewpoint:
At present, the L-theanine industry is largely occupied by leading companies, and the top five manufacturers account for nearly half of the market. This is very bad for new players who want to join the market. said Amy, Senior analyst, Chemical & Material Market Research Center in WK-chem Research. Most of the consumers in the industry have already developed the consumption-solidified thinking. Therefore, how to break the bottleneck of the participants in the industry will be the primary problem for future development. For some small players, mergers, acquisitions, and cooperation will all improve means of their own strength.
Market insight:
Several studies have suggested that L-theanine could help people relax before bedtime, get to sleep more easily, and sleep more deeply. These benefits may result from the specific effects that the amino acid has on brain chemicals that play a role in sleep. A 2018 studyTrusted Source found that people reported having greater sleep satisfaction after taking 450–900 mg of L-theanine daily for 8 weeks. The study participants had generalized anxiety disorder and were taking antidepressants. The authors noted that there were no reported improvements in anxiety or insomnia severity.
People often drink a cup of tea or another hot beverage to help them relax. Research suggests that the L-theanine in green or black tea may contribute to this feeling of relaxation by reducing a person’s resting heart rate. As part of a calorie-controlled diet, replacing a snack with green tea or another low-calorie hot beverage could aid weight loss. The L-theanine in green tea can create a savory taste, also known as umami flavor. ResearchTrusted Source suggests that umami flavors may reduce appetite, which Often helps with weight loss. The above factors will drive the growth of the L-theanine industry over the forecast period.
Competition Landscape:
This WK-chem Research market report is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading L-theanine companies that include Taiyo Kagaku, ZheJiang TianRui Chemical, Hangzhou Qinyuan, FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals, Ethical Naturals, Inc., AdvaCare Pharma, Blue California, Changzhou Golden Bright, Wuxi Southern Yangtze, Qu Zhou Joy Chemical, NutriScience Innovations LLC, Sichuan Tongsheng Amino Acid.
Segmentation of L-theanine Market:
According to the production process, L-theanine is mainly divided into chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation and tea extracts. At present, chemically synthesized theanine has accounted for nearly 68% of the international theanine market, and natural theanine has a share of about 10% due to slow production growth. Due to the availability of large amounts of synthetic theanine, the price of theanine in the international market has fluctuated.
Based on the application, the main uses of L-theanine are divided into food & beverage, healthcare products, pharmaceutical industry and others. Food & Beverage occupies a major market share, which can reach more than 60%. L-theanine has become an important additive in a variety of foods and will still dominate the market during the forecast period.
L-theanine Market: Regional Analysis
In terms of geography, the global L-theanine market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. The L-theanine market is mainly concentrated in the Asia Pacific region, especially China and Japan. Most of the hundreds of global manufacturers use chemical synthesis, and most of the natural L-theanine production companies are concentrated in China. Japan is dominated by microbial fermentation.
Cagr: 4.81%
Largest share area:Asia Pacific

Largest share country:China
Product Type:Chemical Synthesis, Microbial Fermentation and Tea Extracts
Application:Food & Beverage, Healthcare Products, Pharmaceutical Industry and Others
Leading Company:Taiyo Kagaku, ZheJiang TianRui Chemical, Hangzhou Qinyuan, FarmaSino Pharmaceuticals, Ethical Naturals, Inc.