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04 Jan
Global Isobornyl Acrylate Market Insight January 4, 2022 Comments

Isobornyl Acrylate Market size will rapidly grow during the forecast period owing to increasing application in chemical industry across the globe. According to the World Knowledge Information (WKI) “Global Isobornyl Acrylate Professional Survey Report 2021, Forecast to 2026”, Isobornyl Acrylate is widely employed in the chemical business as an intermediary for the synthesis of polymers. The product is mostly used in ultraviolet and electronic beam cured inks, coatings, and adhesives. The growing coatings, adhesives and inks industry across globe is projected to positively contribute to the overall isobornyl acrylate market size during the review period. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2021-2026 period is projected to be 3.2% base on WKI regression analysis model.

Analysts’ Viewpoint:
“With the good development of the construction industry and the positive impact of the coatings market demand, more participants are attracted to enter the isobornyl acrylate market. Isobornyl acrylate has the characteristics of high activity, high hardness and low shrinkage, and is the first choice for downstream market enterprises. In the next few years, it is recommended that the original market participants actively seek cooperation, acquisitions, and actively carry out product development and other measures to expand the company’s market share and create better opportunities for market development.” said Martin, Senior analyst, Chemical industry Market Research Center in WKI.

Market insight:
Isobornyl acrylate has excellent quality, which makes them very popular in the coatings industry. In addition, it helps maintain the high elongation of polyurethane acrylate and enhances the flexibility of coatings and inks. The steady business development of the global construction industry, coupled with the increase in demand for UV and EB coatings, is expected to become the main factor driving the development of the global isobornyl acrylate market. In addition, during the forecast period, the increasing demand for automotive inks and coatings will further drive product demand. However, prolonged exposure to the product will have some adverse effects, which may pose a threat to the growth of the isobornyl acrylate market.

Competition Landscape:
Major players in the isobornyl acrylate market include Evonik, Ashland, Chase Electronic Coatings, Mitsubishi, Rayon Co., Ltd and others players. Major market participants are constantly thinking about strategies such as cooperation and product expansion in order to occupy more market shares.

Segmentation of Isobornyl Acrylate Market:
According to the product type, the isobornyl acrylate market can be subdivided into Isobornyl Acrylate and Isobornyl Methacrylate. Isobornyl Acrylate occupies a larger share of the market. Isobornyl acrylate and isobornyl methacrylate have broad commercial significance and are widely used in adhesives, coatings, cosmetics, and drug delivery applications. These polymers are mainly used as building materials for microfluidic devices. Low viscosity, good resolution and optical patterns make it an ideal building material.
According to application, the global isobornyl acrylate market has been subdivided into coatings, inks, adhesives, drug delivery, etc. Among the above-mentioned markets, the coatings market occupies a major market share. The growing demand for coatings in developing countries will have a positive impact on the isobornyl acrylate market and bring considerable revenue to market participants. In addition, the rapid development of the construction industry will indirectly promote the demand for isobornyl acrylate products.

Isobornyl Acrylate Market: Regional Analysis
In terms of geography, the global Isobornyl Acrylate market has been segmented into:Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, South America. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region occupies a major position in the global isobornyl acrylate market. The shifting of major paint manufacturers in countries such as China and India will further expand the market scale during the forecast year. The growing demand for products in the pharmaceutical and coating industries will also promote the expansion of the isobornyl acrylate market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Cagr: 3.2%
Largest share area:Asia-Pacific

Largest share country:China