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Global Food Stabilizers Market Insight December 29, 2021 Comments

The food stabilizers is forecast to steady develop over the next four years. According to the World Knowledge Information (WKI) “Global Food Stabilizers Professional Survey Report 2021, Forecast to 2026”, The increasing demand for convenience food and the expanding influence of westernized food consumption mode have led to a surge in the demand for food stabilizers and the continuous expansion of market scale.The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2021-2026 period is projected to be 4.75% base on WKI regression analysis model.

Analysts’ Viewpoint:

“Judging from the current status of the industry, the food stabilizer industry market is relatively fragmented, the industry concentration is relatively low, and the industry has low barriers to entry. Companies in the wait-and-see period of investment can seize the opportunity.“said Selena, Senior analyst, Chemical & Material Market Research Center in WKI.

Market insight:

In order to extend the shelf life of food, the demand for food stabilizer in prefabricated food is increasing, which is an important factor to promote the growth of global food stabilizer Market. The use of food stabilizers in various foods such as bakeries, beverages and sauces is another factor driving the growth of the target market. In addition, low labor costs are also a factor contributing to the global food stabilizer (mixtures and systems) market. With the increasing number of people choosing ready to eat foods and beverages, the role of food stabilizers in nature has become more and more important. It is expected that the above factors will become the main driving force for the overall development of the global food stabilizer Market and will continue to grow in the forecast period.

However, restrictions on the use of some stabilizer mixtures, strict government regulations on the use and quantity and consumers’ preference for fresh food have become obstacles to the growth of food stabilizer Market.

Competition Landscape:

The main market participants operating in the global food stabilizers market are Cargill Incorporated., DuPont, Tate & Lyle, Kerry Inc., CP Kelco U.S., Inc, Palsgaard, Ashland, ADM, BASF SE, Ingredion Incorporated, Hydrosol GmbH & Co. KG, Glanbia plc, Advanced Food Systems Inc., Nexira, Chemelco, Associated British Foods plc, DSM, Kerry Inc., Celanese Corporation, Chr. Hansen Holding A/S, JEY’S F.I.Inc and others.

Segmentation of Food Stabilizers Market:

According to the source classification, the food stabilizer Market is divided into plants, algae, microorganisms, animals and others. The plant part is expected to grow fastest in the forecast period. This is mainly due to the increased demand for natural ingredients and the increasing trend of vegetarianism. Consumers’ views on the nutritional characteristics of plant derived food stabilizers also promote the adoption rate of natural source stabilizers. Food and beverage manufacturers prefer food stabilizers from plant sources to meet consumers’ demand for natural food additives, resulting in the rapid growth of this market segment. According to the function, the food stabilizer Market is divided into stability, thickener, moisturizing and others. Thickeners account for the largest share in the food stabilizer Market. In the food industry, the use of food thickener helps to improve the appearance of products and stimulate consumers to consume. Therefore, the demand for thickener in food industry is increasing, so as to promote the development of food stabilizer Market. According to the application, the food stabilizer Market is subdivided into baking, candy, dairy products and others. The food stabilizer Market is dominated by the dairy and dairy sector. Food stabilizers are more and more used in dairy products such as ice cream and frozen desserts and flavored milk. With the continuous innovation of dairy industry and the change of people’s lifestyle and eating habits, the demand for dairy products is growing.

Food Stabilizers Market: Regional Analysis

In terms of geography, the global food stabilizers market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa.Among them, the European food stabilizer market has always been in a leading position in terms of its contribution to the overall growth of global business. In order to support the shelf life and attractiveness of food in terms of appearance, texture and taste, food stabilizers have been needed in the region. However, due to the increase of disposable income, the increase of demand for processed food and the growth of industrial base, the Asia Pacific region will become the fastest-growing market in the forecast period. In addition, the market is also driven by the growing demand for beverages in developing countries such as India, China, Japan and Australia. Due to the increasing demand for convenience food in the region, the food processing industry in these countries is developing rapidly. Consumers’ preference for food is changing and their awareness of food additives is increasing. All these factors have promoted the growth of food stabilizer Market in the Asia Pacific region.


Cagr: 4.75%
Largest share area:Europe
Largest share country:Germany