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Global Epoxy Reactive Diluents Market Insight July 25, 2022 Comments

According to the WK-chem Research “Global Epoxy Reactive Diluents Professional Survey Report 2022, Forecast to 2027”, The requirements of various applications for epoxy reactive diluents continue to increase, and the increase in demand in downstream industries is driving the development of the epoxy reactive diluents market, the Epoxy Reactive Diluents industry is developing at an incredible speed. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2022-2027 period is projected to be 6.52% base on WK-chem Research regression analysis model.

Analysts’ Viewpoint:

China is currently the world’s largest producer of epoxy reactive diluents. However, the production technology of high-end epoxy reactive diluents products is still concentrated in the hands of established epoxy reactive diluents manufacturers. said Amy, Senior analyst, Chemical & Material Market Research Center in WK-chem Research. With the development of downstream application fields, the market’s requirements for the dilution effect and viscosity reduction effect of epoxy reactive diluents continue to increase. The development trend of new type, functionalization, diversification and environmental protection is emerging.

Market insight:

At present, large international manufacturers occupy most of the market share of high-end epoxy resin products market due to their ability to provide comprehensive solutions for professional epoxy resin system products. For their own development, these large manufacturers no longer supply resin products alone, but formulate mixtures to provide systematic services according to customer needs. This mixture includes resins, curing agents, diluents, auxiliaries, etc. This can not only form the advantages of the product chain, consolidate the market, but also fully expand the profit space. The practice of international manufacturers will also serve as a benchmark for small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry. In the future, more epoxy resin manufacturers will focus on the diversified development of enterprises, and will actively deploy in the field of epoxy reactive diluents in the future to promote the diversified development of the epoxy reactive diluents industry.
Epoxy resin is an important thermosetting resin. Because of its excellent physical and mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance and bonding properties, the epoxy resin adhesive prepared with it is known as “universal glue”. It is widely used in electronic laminates (printed circuit boards), building materials, coatings, fan blades and other fields. Although the trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic have had a certain impact on the trade volume of epoxy resins, with the gradual recovery of the global economy and the development of the downstream electrical and electronic industries, the automotive industry and the construction industry, the global demand for epoxy resins remains Steady growth. Since some epoxy resins need to be diluted before use, the increase in the market demand for epoxy resins will also drive the market demand for epoxy reactive diluents products.
Although there are many types of epoxy reactive diluents industry, the main raw materials are petrochemical products or coal chemical products. However, oil and coal prices are volatile. In terms of coal, in 2021, affected by Indonesia’s export restrictions, the global coal price fluctuates at a high level. For coal chemical products, the price of raw materials has been greatly affected. At present, Indonesia’s coal export restrictions have been lifted, and it is expected that coal prices will fall in 2022, which is a relatively favorable trend for coal chemical products. For oil, prices are affected by more factors, including but not limited to political factors and transportation factors. In 2022, it is expected that oil prices will remain high and fluctuating. For manufacturers of petrochemical products, the risk is relatively high.
The Russian-Ukrainian crisis continued to escalate. After many countries closed their airspace to Russia, Russia also closed its airspace to corresponding countries in retaliation. Russian airspace is a major meeting point for global trade, and many cargo companies’ flights pass through Russian airspace. The closure of Russia’s airspace will affect the movement of goods by air in many countries, further exacerbating the woes of global supply chains. Since flights from the UK and EU countries fly through Russian airspace to Asia, the closure of the airspace will cause many routes from Europe to Asia to have to be diverted, which will greatly increase flight time and increase the cost of aircraft fuel. Transportation inconvenience will have a certain impact on the development of the epoxy reactive diluents industry.

Competition Landscape:

The main production capacity of epoxy reactive diluents industry is concentrated in several major manufacturers at the head of the industry. The early companies in the epoxy reactive diluents industry have seized most of the market share and blocked the production technology to a certain extent. At the same time, they have actively developed new epoxy reactive diluents products to consolidate their market share in various ways. Industry monopoly has certain disadvantages for the development of the industry, raising the threshold for new entrants, and at the same time adversely affecting the active competition in the epoxy reactive diluents industry. The lack of active competition in the industry is not conducive to the upgrading of the industrial structure of the entire industry. This WK-chem Research market report is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading Epoxy Reactive Diluents companies that include Anhui Xinyuan Chemical (Hengyuan),Hubei Greenhome Materials,Huntsman,Olin Corporation,Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation,Evonik Industries,Westlake Chemical Corporation,Lanxess AG,Cargill,Leuna Harze,Arkema,Aditya Birla Group,EMS-GRILTECH,Jiangsu Sanmu Chemical,Fujian Zhongke Hongye,SACHEM Inc,Liaoyang Xinyu Chemical,Atul,Adeka,Cardolite Corporation,Kukdo Chemical,Arnette Polymers,DR Coats Ink & Resins Pvt.,King Industries,Epoxy Chemicals, Inc,Ipox Chemicals GmbH,Others.

Segmentation of Epoxy Reactive Diluents Market:

According to type, the epoxy reactive diluents market is subdivided into monoglycidyl ether, polyglycidyl ether and others. The monoglycidyl ether market will occupy a larger share of the epoxy reactive diluents market in 2022. The dilution effect of the monoepoxide is better, and the aliphatic type has a better dilution effect than the aromatic type, so more monoepoxides are also used. The acid and alkali resistance of the cured product using the aromatic reactive diluent has little change, but the solvent resistance has decreased. The use of the monoepoxide reactive diluent will reduce the heat distortion temperature because its use will reduce the crosslinking density of the cured product.
According to the end use, the epoxy reactive diluents market is subdivided into composite material, coating, electronics, aerospace and others. The composite material market will occupy a larger share of the epoxy reactive diluents market in 2022. The largest downstream consumer of epoxy reactive diluents is composite materials. The development of the wind power industry has driven the development and progress of the composite material industry chain, and is one of the main forces for the growth of the composite material market. Wind power generation is one of the most mature, large-scale development conditions and commercial development prospects in the field of renewable energy, and the available wind energy is widely distributed around the world and has huge reserves. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of wind power related technologies and the continuous upgrading of equipment, there is a large room for cost reduction, and the global wind power industry is developing rapidly. The Russian-Ukrainian war has not reversed the process of global energy green and low-carbon transformation. On the contrary, after the global energy crisis, many countries have realized the importance of improving energy independence. Under the goal of carbon neutrality, they need to reduce their dependence on fossil fuel imports through clean energy.

Epoxy Reactive Diluents Market: Regional Analysis

In terms of geography, the global Epoxy Reactive Diluents market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. The Asia Pacific region will dominate market growth. There are many developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and the urbanization process of developing countries still lags behind that of developed countries. However, with the rapid economic development in the region, the urbanization process continues to drive the market demand for epoxy reactive diluents products. At the same time, the continuous development of China and India in the aerospace field has also created market demand for the epoxy reactive diluent industry. Although China is not the first country to start researching epoxy reactive diluents products, with the continuous development, China’s epoxy reactive diluents production capacity currently occupies a large share in the world, and the enterprises with the largest production capacity in the industry are also located in China.


Cagr: 6.52%
Largest share area:Asia Pacific
Largest share country:China
Product Type:Monoglycidyl Ether, Polyglycidyl Ether and Others
Application:Composite Material, Coating, Electronics, Aerospace and Others
Leading Company:Anhui Xinyuan Chemical (Hengyuan), Hubei Greenhome Materials, Huntsman, Olin Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation