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30 Dec
Global Distilled Fatty Acids Market Insight December 30, 2021 Comments

The distilled fatty acid is forecast to continue rising steadly over the next four years. According to the World Knowledge Information (WKI) “Global Distilled Fatty Acids Professional Survey Report 2020, Forecast to 2025”, The increasing demand for glycerol in the manufacture of propylene glycol and epichlorohydrin and the promotion of the use of environmentally friendly products by government regulations are the main factors driving the growth of distilled fatty acid market.The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2021-2026 period is projected to be 5.58% base on WKI regression analysis model.

Analysts’ Viewpoint:

“With the increase of per capita income, consumers’ requirements for the composition of beauty products are increasing, and natural and organic cosmetics have a wide development space.”said Selena, Senior analyst, Chemicals Goods Market Research Center in WKI.”It is suggested that the industry participants of distilled fatty acids should actively carry out technological innovation, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency and occupy more market share.”

Market insight:

Distilled fatty acid is a brownish yellow viscous liquid with a slight unique aroma of vegetable oil. It is by distilling the deodorant distillate of vegetable oil (sunflower and soybean oil). It can be esterified to produce soaps with different uses, such as resins, surfactants, detergents, oilfield chemicals and other chemical derivatives. With the growth of global consumption rate, the demand for sustainable biological products is increasing, which increases the market demand for distilled fatty acids used by industry, commerce and consumers Promote the expansion of distilled fatty acid market.

However, there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to by participants in the distilled fatty acid industry. For example, fluctuations in raw materials will hinder market growth.

Competition Landscape:

The main players in the distilled fatty acids market inclde Timur Oleochemicals Malaysia , OLEON , Lascaray S.A. , Wilmar International , EcelVite , KLK OLEO , Agarwal Group of Industries , Mateos , Croda and others.

Segmentation of Distilled Fatty Acids Market:

According to the type, the global distilled fatty acid market can be divided into industrial grade and cosmetic grade. Among them, cosmetics occupy the dominant position in the market. Due to the growing demand for personal care products, driven by the increased demand caused by health awareness and female employment, this segment is likely to grow in the forecast period. According to the application, the global distilled fatty acid market can be divided into lubricant production, paint and ink, cosmetics production and others. Among them, cosmetics production accounts for the main share of the market. At present, cosmetics have become an indispensable part of personal life. Consumers pay more attention to natural ingredients that are harmless to health. Therefore, adding distilled fatty acids to cosmetics will increase the demand of cosmetics market and promote the development of the overall distilled fatty acid Market in the world.

Distilled Fatty Acids Market: Regional Analysis

In terms of geography, the global distilled fatty acids market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa.The Asia Pacific region currently dominates the global distilled fatty acid market. As the demand for natural fatty acids in the region is widely promoted by its increasing applications in cosmetics and personal care, detergents and soaps, oil fields and lubricants, the Asia Pacific region will continue to be a leader in the forecast period. The demand for personal care and cosmetics in the region has been growing strongly, mainly due to the influence of western culture, which leads to the increase in the use of cosmetics by teenagers. With the increase of female employment, people are more and more aware of their image and health awareness. Therefore, the production of such products in this region is also increasing, expanding the market share of this region.


Cagr: 5.58%
Largest share area:Asia Pacific
Largest share country:China