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09 Feb
Global Conductive Polymers Market Insight
2022-02-09 Comments

The Conductive Polymers is forecast to fast increase over the next four years. According to the WK-chem Research “Global Conductive Polymers Professional Survey Report 2022, Forecast to 2027”, owing to the growing usage of polymers as a substitute for plastics and metals in electronic products along with proliferating automotive sales.This makes the Conductive Polymers industry develop at an astonishing speed. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2022-2027 period is projected to be 8.30% base on WK-chem Research regression analysis model.
Analysts’ Viewpoint:
“Conductive polymers are more than conductive organic polymers” said Anthony, Senior analyst, Chemical industry Market Research Center in WK-chem Research. “Industry participants in Conductive Polymers must consider whether they meet exclusive technical requirements, including this compound can have metal conductivity or can be a semiconductor to the rapid development of the market.”
Market insight:
The demand for consumer electronics from households is set to accelerate owing to changing lifestyles, growing disposable incomes, and easy access to financials. The increasing consumption of these polymers in the end-user industries is due to their excellent advantages, such as lower cost, higher efficiency & lightweight, compared to metal and good mechanical properties. With rapid innovation and higher output in the electronics industry, the demand for conductive polymers used in applications such as actuators, antistatic packaging and coatings, and sensors will increase. Smart, compact and lightweight materials, coupled with advancements in the electrical and electronic industries. The sales of electric vehicles continue to increase, and advances in the automotive field where technologies such as self-driving cars and artificial intelligence are fused will further grow at a considerable rate, ultimately driving the demand for materials for actuators and sensors with conductive polymers as the key. Increasing demand for consumer electronics such as TVs, mobile phones and monitors will drive the use of products..
Conductive polymers are observed to lose their characteristics under uncertain environmental conditions. The former factor limits the application of ICPs in hot & moist conditions.manufacturer’s preference towards metal-based materials due to poor selectivity of conductive polymers negatively influences the conductive polymers market.However, technological development and the untapped potential of developing markets provide promising growth opportunities.
Competition Landscape:
This WK-chem Research market report is designed to help clients improve their market position, and in line with this, this report provides a detailed analysis of several leading Conductive Polymers companies that include Lubrizol, 3M, Covestro AG, Celanese Corporation, SABIC, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, and others.
Segmentation of Conductive Polymers Market:
On the basis of type, the global conductive polymer market size is segmented into polyaniline (PANI), polypyrrole (PPy), polyphenylenevinylenes (PPV), PEDOT, polyacetylene, and others. Polyaniline (PANI) is expected to garner higher market share during the forecast period, owing to its usage in manufacturing of anti-static coatings used in packaging, storing, transporting, and protecting the equipment having ESD sensitivity.Based on application, the global conducting polymers market has been segmented into ESD/EMI shielding, electrostatic coating, antistatic packaging, capacitor, and others. ESD/EMI accounts for major market share.The ESD/EMI shielding application of the electrical & electronics industry accounts for a huge demand for conducting polymers. The major benefit of ESD/EMI shielding is that it increases the safety of air-gapped systems. It also helps prevent the sensitive electronic components and devices from static discharge and magnetic interference.
Conductive Polymers Market: Regional Analysis
In terms of geography, the global Conductive Polymers market has been segmented into: Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, North America, and the Middle East & Africa. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest market, growing at a significant CAGR during the forecast period. The growing GDP in the region has led to the growth of the automobile sectors in India, China, and Japan, resulting in the application of conductive polymers in wire hose and engine boxes, among others. Moreover, to reduce the dependence on crude oil imports, governments are encouraging the use of lightweight materials in the transportation sector which, in turn, is expected to promote the use of ABS and PPP-based resins.The developed end-use industries, coupled with the growing adoption of conductive polymers in the healthcare, electronics, and energy sectors, is a major driving factor for the market in the region.
Cagr: 8.30%
Largest share area:Asia Pacific
Largest share country:China
Product Type:Polyaniline (PANI), Polypyrrole (PPy), Polyphenylenevinylenes (PPV), PEDOT, Polyacetylene, Others
Application:ESD/EMI Shielding, Antistatic Packaging, Electrostatic Coating, Capacitor, Others
Leading Company:Lubrizol, 3M, Covestro AG, Celanese Corporation, SABIC