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21 Jan
Global Base Station Antenna market insight 2022-01-21 Comments

Base Station Antenna
The Base Station Antenna is forecast to rapidly expand over the next four years. According to the World Knowledge Information (WKI) “Global Base Station Antenna market insight 2021, forecast to 2026”, The construction of base station antennas is crucial to the construction of 5G networks. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2021-2026 period is projected to be 15.8% base on WKI regression analysis model.
Analysts’ Viewpoint:
“Consumers have an increasing demand for networks, and the construction of 5G networks will become the mainstream choice for consumers.”said Ciel, Senior analyst, Consumer Goods Market Research Center in WKI.
Market insight:
The increase in mobile phone users brings tremendous growth opportunities for the base station antenna market. The use of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) for performance improvements may bring good growth for the base station antenna market. The use of multi-beam antenna at base stations to improve network coverage and increase capacity while using the same antenna space is gaining considerable momentum. This aspect helps in eliminating network congestion. The use of 3D beamforming to adjust antenna beam shapes to increase spectral efficiency and sector-level throughput may also emerge as a key process in the base station antenna market. The increasing number of radio and broadcasting stations across the globe is also proving to be a growth generator for the base station antenna market.
The base station antenna market growth is expected to suffer a setback as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced 5G providers to postpone their rollout plans in 2020. For example, in May 2020, Rakuten Inc., a Japanese electronic commerce company, announced that the launch of its 5G services will be delayed by three months as its vendors in India were unable to test the technology owing to the nationwide lockdown. Meanwhile, in Europe, 5G spectrum auctions were delayed in several countries including France, Austria, Poland, and Spain. Huawei, one of the biggest players in the 5G market, had already announced that the deployment of its 5G services in Europe will be stalled because of the coronavirus. In the US, ATandT experienced huge logistical challenges in rolling out 5G services in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented disruptions and downturns created by the coronavirus in the telecom industry will, therefore, limit the adoption of base station antennas.
Competition Landscape:
Some well-entrenched players in the base station antenna market are Panorama Antennas, Comba Telecom, CommScope, ProSoft Technology, Huawei, Carlson Wireless Technologies, Filtronic PLC, Rosenberger, and Ericsson. Huawei released CableFree, its new technology to enable base station antennas to enhance capabilities, including power capacity, radiation efficiency, and integration. The product is aimed at meeting the high capacity and speed requirements of 5G networks.
Segmentation of Base Station Antenna Market:
By Application (Mobile Communication, Intelligent Transport, Industrial IoT, Smart City, Military and Defense and Others),According to the industry body Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), 5G networks will cover approximately one-third of the global population by 2025. This is punctuated by the fact that some of the world’s largest economies are already deploying 5G infrastructures.
Base Station Antenna Market: Regional Analysis:
Geography’s global e-commerce logistics market has been subdivided into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America and Central Africa. Asia Pacific may emerge as a key growth contributor for the base station antenna market. The increasing number of mobile phone subscribers may prove to be a key component for the regional market.
Cagr: 15.8%
Largest share area:Asia Pacific

Largest share country:China