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05 Jan
Global Antiviral Coatings Market Insight January 5, 2022 Comments

The Antiviral Coatings is forecast to crazy increase over the next years. According to the World Knowledge Information (WKI) Global Antiviral Coatings Professional Survey Report 2021, Forecast to 2026, Affected by COVID-19, the demand for anti-virus coatings in the medical sector, public places and some industrial sectors has also increased. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the 2021-2026 period is projected to be 11.5% base on WKI regression analysis model.

Analysts’ Viewpoint:
“At present, antiviral coatings are mainly in the early stage of market cultivation.” said William, Senior analyst, Chemical and Materials Market Research Center in WKI. “In the future, in order to promote the overall development of the anti-viral coating industry, the market must formulate industry norms and standards, and production companies must engage in healthy competition to promote the healthy development of the industry and increase consumers’ awareness of anti-viral coatings.”

Market insight:
The World Health Organization (WTO) announced that the world is currently facing a pandemic and global crisis caused by a new type of virus, which is the cause of the large-scale spread of respiratory diseases. Although the transmission of the new coronavirus is mainly direct transmission, contact transmission and aerosol transmission. However, studies have shown that the new coronavirus can survive on inanimate objects for several days, which means that people may be infected by touching the surface of objects contaminated by the virus. The current pandemic trend in the market provides opportunities for the development of antiviral coating products, and the increase in demand from the medical industry is one of the driving factors for market development. In addition, with the development of society, people attach great importance to health, and the use of anti-viral coatings in household applications and public places will also promote the rapid growth of the anti-viral coating market.

The safety of anti-viral coatings is the focus of concern for enterprise producers. Choosing good coating materials can not only ensure that the product prevents the spread of viruses, but also ensure that the coating does not release some chemical substances to the environment.

Competition Landscape:
The Global Antiviral Coatings market is partially fragmented in nature with a number of smaller players in the market. Some of the major companies in Antiviral Coatings market include Bio-Fence, Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd., GrapheneCA, and nano Care Deutschland AG, among others.

Segmentation of Antiviral Coatings Market:
Based on type of coatings, the market is categorized into high-performance coatings, nano coatings, and others. However, nano coatings segment is expected to grow at faster pace owing to their demonstrated effectiveness against viruses. Moreover, the ease of incorporating nano particles into the coatings material also acts as driving factor for anti-viral coatings market growth. On the basis of application, the medical market dominated the market share and is expected to do so during the forecast period. Antiviral coatings are widely used in medical products, door handles, medical devices, etc. In the context of the global outbreak of COVID-19, anti-viral coatings provide a safe and reliable solution to block the spread of the virus.

Antiviral Coatings Market: Regional Analysis
In terms of geography, the global hand sanitizer market has been segmented into: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America is the most affected region during the COVID-19 outbreak. U.S. alone has the highest number of COVID-19 affected people. The outbreak has impacted the demand-supply chain as many production houses have halted operations. The Asia-Pacific region has been majorly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. As of May 2021, India had around 22.7 million coronavirus cases and witnessed around 246 thousand deaths. Some other countries like China, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Indonesia have also been severely affected. With the number of COVID-19 cases still significantly growing, there has been a rising focus on developing new measures to contain the spread of the pandemic in the region. Several Asian companies have been developing anti-viral coatings to curb the growth of new COVID-19 cases.

Cagr: 11.5%

Largest share area:North America

Largest share country:the United States